what we are

we are an ordinary suburban japanese restaurant serving ordinary no-frill japanese food since 1998

nothing original
hardly unique

so why it’s always busy?

maybe because we go a bit extra length to make sure that we serve fresh food

with love and passion

we are delighted when kids are happy eating our food
we are smiling when these kids have grown up and use our place for their date

we don’t say much but we are really happy when young couples bring their baby and give us opportunity to witness the change of family as they grow

retired couples come to us every week at the same time with same order

tired & stressed couples come in but leave with happy & content faces

regulars who disappear for a while come back to us

these are the moment giving us the power to go an extra length

so definitely love is all around
that motivates us to make sure we are serious for day in and day out
for providing good quality food to every customer going through our door

thank you for your support
and we do our best to be what we are